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Ayurveda And Back Pain Ayurvedic Treatment for Back Pain is one of the most common reason people visit Ayurvedic clinic. As per a survey, nearly 90% of people in the world suffer from Back Pain at some point in their life. Chronic lower Back Pain is a debilitating condition; it affects your personal, social as well as professional life. People who suffer from chronic low Back Pain tend to have a poor quality of life and, as Back Pain can restrict simple routine activities such as walking, driving or even sitting. Ayurveda offers some effective back Pain Management therapies. Visit once to know more .
Alcohol Deaddiction And Ayurvedic Treatment Alcohol addiction is major problem nowadays, Chronic alcoholic patients may suffer from may diseases like liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, kidney disease, and neurological disorders. The best way to prevent all this is to stop drinking alcohol, but it is nearly impossible for normal people to stop drinking and stop craving for alcohol on their own so we here at akshay arogyam help these people top stop their alcohol consumption by authentic ayurvedic deaddiction treatments and ayurvedic deaddiction panchakarma therapies. just visit once to know about the details of therapy.
100 % Results for Alcohol De-Addiction at akshay arogyam ayurvedic clinic and panchakarma center. Please visit once to know more.
Skin and Hair diseases are major problem now a days everybody facing in a day to day life, at akshay arogyam we treat all these disorders by our specially designed Ayurveda products and panchakarma therapies.In Ayurvedic literature each and every disease is explanied in details with causetive factors and symptoms along with the treatment, we follow all this guidelines to treat the diseases.Visit once to know more about our treatments.
Ayurvedic alcohol de-addiction treatments are too much frustating and irritating due its side effects like vomiting, diarrrhoea, nausea, dizziness, drawosiness and many more. At our akshay arogyam Ayurvedic clinic we treat alcoholism by herbal remedies which are absolutely side effect free. Visit once to know more about our treatments.
Rainy season and skin problems It's the staring of rainy season now and in this season many skin problems are getting worse due to climate conditions, for this we have to take prevention by using Ayurvedic skin treatments and panchakarma for skin so that the problem won't get that bigger. Visit once to more about Ayurvedic skin treatments at akshay arogyam.
Alcohol de addiction by using Ayurvedic herbal medicines and panchakarma treatments with regular councilling of the pateint without any side effects like alcohol withdrawal symptoms.visit once to more.
Hair Greying and Ayurveda Hair Greying is a major problem today.each and every person faces this problem at different age. Causes includes Improper diet and nutrition, Increased toxins in blood, Increased pitta dosha in blood along with stress and many more. Treatment of grey hairs includes full body detoxification with panchakarma therapies specially designed to treat grey hairs along with Ayurvedic medications and diet modification.visit once to know more about the treatments.
Ayurvedic Leech therapy for Skin & Hair problems. We are doing specially designed Leech therapy for all kinds of skin and hair problem at our clinic.leeches are best way to remove toxic content from the blood at an affected area and that is giving the best results in very less amount of time.visit once to know more about Leech therapy and it's benefits.